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Video Camera Systems For Sportfishing Boats

Outrigger Fishing Cam
    The Outrigger Package in HD provides great camera angles of the cockpit. Unique release shots will be captured from the vantage of the outriggers so you get to see the action from the outside looking in. The LathamCams HD 1080P 60fps color day/night cameras are mounted directly to each outrigger with the necessary cables running inside the rigger. No visible cables or cords are seen. The package consists of two LathamCams HD Outrigger cams. Each HD camera is wired to a HyperDeck Studio recording deck with two 2.5 SSD solid state drives to put two different removable SSD hard drives in. The system operates on the Latham custom remote control On/Off switch, allowing the user to record by simply pushing a button on the remote, which can be worn around your neck on a lanyard.

Capture Yourself on Video While Fishing !

    The cameras themselves are 1080p 60fps day night /color HD/SDI, 3.6mm lens, auto white balance and auto iris for crisp footage. The HD cameras are mounted with custom-designed brackets and the HD cameras themselves are in an anodized waterproof aluminum housing to protect them from the elements.

Outrigger Package Contents:

X2-Hyperdeck Studio 2.5 SSD Hard drive Recorder
X2- Outrigger Cams, 3.6mm lens, HD Camera 1080P 60fps, Day Night Color Camera, Waterproof
X2- Camera Mounting Hardware, x2 Rigger Mounts
X2- Stainless Steel L-Bracket
X1- LathamCams Custom Wireless On & Off Controller to Control all HyperDeck Studio Recorders
X2-120GB 2.5 SSD Hard Drive
X1-2.5 SSD Card Reader to Transfer Video to Computer and to Format Card
X1- Cable and Connector Kit, Only if Latham Cams installed the camera package

Installation is not included in the price of the package. There is a charge of $85 per hour for installation. Installation time usually runs 30 to 35 hours on this particular system.

Outrigger Package Installation
Outrigger Package Hyperdeck Recorder

Outrigger Package Installation
Outrigger Package Installation

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