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    We have a wide variety of clients, from mothership operations down to center console boats. LathamCams can be used anywhere, even in small skiff boats.

LathamCams Offshore Package
“It’s a Kodak moment,” says Capt. Skip Smith. “It’s like a wedding album — you savor those memories. It’s a big expense to go on a long trip. You want to capture it. Believe me, the minute you get that tape done, everybody wants a copy. It’s a great happening.”
  • Sportfishing Boats
  • s/f Ale House
  • s/f Anejo
  • s/f Blue Sky
  • s/f Broadbill
  • s/f Business Stinks
  • s/f Captivator
  • s/f Chunda
  • s/f Crystal Clear
  • s/f Cutnail
  • s/f Deceiver
  • s/f El Jefe
  • s/f El Jefe Grande
  • s/f Fonda Fishing
  • s/f Frantastic
  • s/f French Look II
  • s/f God's Will/God's Favor
  • s/f Heldter Skeldter
  • s/f High-C's
  • s/f Jammer
  • s/f J-Sea
  • s/f Kings Ransom
  • s/f Longevity
  • s/f Madrugador
  • s/f Magic Touch
  • s/f Marlin Grinder
  • s/f Morning Dance
  • s/f On Line
  • s/f Outlaw
  • s/f Owl's Nest
  • s/f Pescador
  • s/f PJ
  • s/f Que Mas
  • s/f Reel Tight
  • s/f Royal Flush
  • s/f Ruckus
  • s/f Sharkey's Revenge
  • s/f Sonny Boy
  • s/f Sorry Dear
  • s/f Sound Machine
  • s/f South Paw
  • s/f Thallyhoo Too
  • s/f Team Galati
  • s/f Tight Lines
  • s/f Trust Fund
  • Boat Builders
  • Bayliss Boat Works
  • Weaver Boat Works
  • Donzi Yachts
  • Sculley Boat Builders
  • G&S Boat Builders
“We run a four-man team in tournaments, and so much depends on video confirmation these days,” Woodham says. “I used to try to drive the boat and film at the same time — they don't use observers much in the Gulf. Now I just wear a clicker around my neck to turn the cameras on and off, and we've got five cameras and five recording decks. Odds are one of those angles are going to catch the action.”
Trust Fund’s captain, Jason Woodham
  • Charter Boats
  • Ticket Charters
  • Fishing Shows
  • Bill Boyce-
    Guy Harvey-
    Shallow Water Angler
“The instructional advantages are great,” says Capt. Tim Hyde, who’s been fooling around with film gear on boats for longer than he cares to recount. “You can review it like a Monday-morning quarterback looking at all the different scenarios — how many wraps were taken on the wire, did the baits get pitched back correctly — you look at the tape and you can always figure out what went wrong. The tape doesn't lie.”
  • Production Companies
  • Westphal Productions:
    Rick Westphal
  • Fischer Productions:
    Rich Christiansen
  • Dealers for LathamCams
    Electronic Companies
  • Alphatec Marine Electronics
  • Commercial Marine Electronics
  • Electronics Unlimited
  • Extreme Marine Electronics
  • High Seas Technology
  • Larry Smith Electronics
  • Tropica Boats and Marine Inc.
“The best thing about the system is how good it is against the elements,” says Joe Figiel, who runs the cameras aboard the 80-foot Merritt Reel Tight. “There is no maintenance. With camcorders, you're constantly cleaning and maintaining the camera and buying bags and boxes for it. With the fixed cams, you just wash the lens off once in a while.”
Just wanted to say thanks for the LathamCam system you installed on our 61 Garlington, the hands free remote system captures some of the most awesome footage, jump shots, wire shots, kill shots. It's sweet! Thanks again.
Capt. Scott Murie s/f PJ

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